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EBay Frequently Asked Questions


Remember to check your EBay Account and PayPal Account information to make sure all your information is updated.  We respond to the email address and the EBAY name associated with the account.  Please be sure that everything is up to date. 

If you don't list a contact telephone number on your EBAY account, then we can't call you.  Also, never hesitate to call us at 540-334-4182, and discuss your purchase before or after.  Unless otherwise specified we are going to fill your paperwork/registration out in the name and address associated with the account.  Please Provide a contact telephone number so we can call you with your trailer pickup information.  Also remember to leave feedback following the transaction. 


We advertise everything we generally stock.  However, on occasion we sell out of inventory.  There can be a short wait on trailers.  Unless the ad indicates that the item is in stock, there could be a short wait.  When an item list as 10 available, it generally means 10 available at that price.  If you are a deadline, contact us and we can generally meet deadlines for pickup.

Contact Information

Pro-Line Main Headquarters

540-334-4182 from 9:00AM till 5:00PM Monday through Friday and from 9:00AM till 12 noon on Saturday eastern time or Email us through the EBAY ad you are referring.  We manage our inventory by the price of the item you are inquiring.  So if you call, have the price handy. 

Is Financing Available?????

Yes! for well qualified buyers any of our trailers can be financed. Contact us prior to purchasing on EBay for pre-approval.  Should you have questions, our main number is (540) 334-4182, we are open from 9:00AM till 5:00PM Monday through Friday and from 9:00AM till 12 noon on Saturday eastern time.  Email us through EBay for financing inquiries.

Where will I pickup my trailer after Purchase?????

Make sure you read the ad.  The ad indicates the trailers home location. 
Either Southern, Ga, Elkhart, In, or Boones Mill, VA. 
Read the ad for the trailers home location.
Any of our trailers in Georgia or Indiana can be picked up at our retail location in Boones Mill, VA, but at a little higher price than the units sold straight from our manufacturing facilities because of the cost of freight from the factory to the store.  Our ads indicate the home location at base price of the trailer. 
Your sales person will inform you as to whether the trailer is in stock or if there is a short wait.  You will be provided a pickup address,  a telephone number, and a contact person.
After final payment is received, we Mail your Buyers Order and Certificate of Orgin (paperwork) to the address you provide.  Paperwork is mailed, via, the United States Postal Service.  UPS Overnight delivery is available for $40.00.

Additional Pickup Information

Our staff is great at working on trailers and we go through great lengths to make sure the electrical system on your trailer is in proper working condition prior to pickup.  We ask that you take the time to make sure that the electrical system (i.e. 4 way or 7 way plug) on your tow vehicle is in proper working condition.   

Pro-Line charges a hourly mechanical labor rate to repair your vehicle. 

IS delivery Available?

Yes!!    Sometimes our customer's schedule does not allow for the time it takes to pick a trailer up.  Delivery is available at a per mile rate (does not include tolls).  Please provide your zip code.  We ship state side only, we need our Canadian Customers to provide us with the US/Canada Crossing they use.  We'll ship the trailer to a pre-determined location near the border.

Why are Pro-Line Trailers prices so much lower than their competitors?????

Pro-Line Trailers was built on the idea that it is better to sell a lot for a little profit than to sell a very few trailers for a lot of profit.  When we sell high volume we still make money, the customer can get more for their dollar, customers spread the word and  more American trailer builders can stay in business which means more American jobs.  To us, this is an everybody wins situation.

Will this trailer be enough to haul my Bike/ Car/ Equipment?????

Unfortunately this question doesn't have a one size fits all answer, but the pros at Pro-Line can make sure you get a trailer that suits your specific needs.  You will need to do your homework before calling, like measure what you are hauling and find out an approximate weight of what you plan to haul.  Don't forget about the extra stuff, like tool boxes, track bike, golf carts, winches, spare tires or fuel.  Call (540) 334-4182 for help picking out your perfect trailer.


Pricing is based on a minimal Credit Card/PayPal Deposit and Cash, Cashiers Check, or Money order on Pickup.

Credit Cards are accepted and are subject to an additional credit card fee. 

Pro-Line Trailer Sales 540-334-4182 EMAIL Pro-Line

Headquartered in Boones Mill, VA

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