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Trailer Door Cabinet
The Original, the one that started it all! Features on this number one best seller include fold down table which is great for holding a weather station, tools, small parts, etc.
25th Anniversary Edition Wall Organizer / Door Cabinet
This 25th Anniversary Edition Pit Pal Wall Organizer is specially designed to hold more oil.
It features two wider shelves for more oil storage, and one aerosol shelf.
Holds 20 quarts of oil.

Dimensions: 27"W x 32"H x 6"D
Jr. Trailer Door Cabinet
The junior cabinet includes a fold down table, paper towel holder adn2 shelves for storage. The mini version of or best selling door cabinet is perfect when you are pressed for space in your trailer or shop.
Medium Door Cabinet
Deigned for space saving dimensions, this compact narrow version of our best seller is crafted to fit in smaller areas where the full sized Trailer Door cabinet won't. It's ideal for trailers with double doors or other space limitations.
Combo Storage Cabinet
Designed to provide storage area to save work space, the Combo Storage Cabinet features 3 shelves to store a variety of supplies. The top shelf holds up to 9 aerosol cans. The middle shelf will store a number of quarts of oil, and it also ideal for spray
3 Shelf Aerosol Cabinet
This cabinet is designed to organize your spray cans and make the most of your space. It features 3 shelves to store a variety of up to 24 aerosol cans. Each shelf holds up to 8 aerosol cans.

22"W X32"H X 4 "D
Junior Oil & Aerosol Cabinet
Junior Oil & Aerosol Cabinet
The junior combo cabinet, another great way to save space in the shop. The junior provides storage in a smaller, manageable cabinet. The top shelf stores 6 aerosol cans and the bottom shelf stores 6 quarts of oil.

16 "W X 16"H X 5 "D
Deluxe Wall Cabinet
No Description Available
Space Saver Cabinet
Pressed for space? This mini is perfect for you! A couple shelves for waxes, bug juice, etc. plus a drop down work shelf and a paper towel holder too! Dimensions: 12" x 19 " x 4 "
24 Qt. Oil Cabinet
This cabinet is just what any shop or trailer needs to store oil/fluids. Top shelf can also be used to hold pump spray bottles.
Locking Pin Washer Kit
For models with out this hardware, this kit includes our tray locking pin, two large aluminum washers and tension spring to keep paper towels from unraveling. This kit can be easily installed on your existing cabinet or added to a NEW one.
Oil Storage Cabinet
This is another space saving cabinet! An excellent way to store and organize oil products. The top shelf holds 8 aerosol cans while the three lower shelves holds 29 quarts of oil or filters.

24 "W X 36"H X 5 "D
Jr. Oil Cabinet
A junior version of our Oil Storage Cabinet. For those who need the storage in a smaller size, the junior neatly holds 12 courts of oil.

16"W X 18'H X 5 "D
Aluminum Channel Kit
Now lightweight doors can take advantage of Pit Pal Products by installing our aluminum channel kit fro extra bracing. Easily install channels to outer door frame with support rivets. Once in place, products mount to channels creating no added stress to your doors surface.
Double Tray Caddie
The Double Tray has even more work space with 2 fold down trays. Also keeping you organized with two built in shelves for maximum storage. Trays fold in for secure transport with 2 locking pins included.

30"W X 27"H X5 "D

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